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Yue ([personal profile] yue_ix) wrote2011-05-15 10:57 am

DCU Podfic: "Dared to Confess"by aphelant

Title: Dared to Confess
Author: [personal profile] aphelant
Reader: [personal profile] yue_ix
Pairing: Kon/Tim
Rating: Explicit
Summary: In hindsight, he probably should have wondered why Tim wanted them to fly all the way to San Francisco when Tim had a perfectly serviceable bed in Gotham.
File info: MP3, 12.9MB, 14 minutes
Temporary Link: mediafire / box
Permanent Link: (eventually. I need to find who's the DCU audioarchive archiver.)

If you like, please leave feedback to the fic author here. This was done for my [community profile] kink_bingo square "voyeurism". Thank you, [personal profile] aphelant, for letting me try my voice at this. It's my first recording longer than a few minutes and presented all kinds of new questioning and facets of podficcing. =)
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[personal profile] aphelant 2011-05-15 05:17 pm (UTC)(link)
OMG BB. I listened to this when I got home last night, and oh, oh, it is so great! You had me hook line and sinker at the beginning, with the way you said 'motherfucking Robin', it made me giggle so hard and I had to pause because my glee was TOO GREAT, and I kept giggling throughout, especially when you would do characterizations exactly how they were in my head (like Tim's voice sounding like he has one eyebrow raised, yessss).

And the scene where Kon finally realizes what's happening, in my opinion it works MUCH better aurally than it ever did on paper. I actually thought it was the weakest part of the story because I couldn't find words that worked well comprehension-wise, but when I *listened* to it the whole situation was clear as day! I think it has to do with vocal emphasis, which just doesn't translate as well when it's read on-screen, and I know I write 'like a podficcer', but this is just proof positive to me that fic and podfic are totally different beasts. <3 <3 <3 THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS, BB! Congratulations on your first longer podfic!! \o/

PS: There isn't an archiver specifically for DCU, but if you crosspost to [community profile] amplificathon (on either DW or LJ, or both!) then it will be in the archivists' communal queue. Or if you aren't going to crosspost just let me know and I'll have it archived. :D